Our Mission

maria-montessoriWe are committed to maintaining a quality educational program following the principles and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori as embodied in the Association Montessori Internationale standards of excellence.

We honor the unique potential of each child in our care.  We give the children freedom with responsibility to engage in the work that calls to them.  Our classrooms, set up with an understanding of the distinctive characteristics of each plane of development, are havens for children who are guided along their own natural paths of development.

Our dream is to create:

  • A safe, warm, nurturing environment with a home-like quality.
  • An atmosphere in which children are encouraged to lead with dignity, follow with discernment, value diversity, and think independently.
  • Recognition of the depth of spirit, knowledge and desires of children.
  • A community of joyful learners who care about their world, are culturally literate, and passionate promoters of peace.


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About Dr. Maria Montessori

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