The Nest

A nurturing environment for children who are walking steadily (12 to 14 months old) through approximately 33 months of age.

Children join our Toddler Community when they are “steady on their feet” and remain in the room until approximately 33-36 months of age.  The activities in the room give these little people opportunities for social interaction, independence, language development and self-expression, as well as small and large motor development.  The materials are appealing to the children who are free to choose their own “work.”  The daily schedule is both simple and predictable and this is soothing to little ones who have a very strong sense of order.  This also aids in the development of independence, success in toileting, and the acquisition of trust in the environment and in the adults.

The furniture and equipment in the Nest are sized to fit children below the age of three.

The children use materials that develop their fine and gross motor coordination.

The Nest is a vocabulary-rich environment.  It is remarkable how quickly Toddlers pick up new words!

Toddlers want to do things for themselves!  They get their own water to drink . . .

They figure out how dress themselves, and they begin to go to the bathroom independently.

They learn by imitating the adults in their lives.

Toddlers enjoy taking care of the classroom environment.

They help prepare snack.

They wash napkins.

They scrub the tables.

We all like being outside.

Independent children develop self-confidence.

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