Why Choose MCA?

6 Reasons to Choose Montessori Children’s Academy

High-Quality and Experienced Staff

Our teachers are AMI Montessori Certified and have each been with us for over ten years.  They participate in ongoing professional education through attendance at local and national conferences.

A Beautiful, Home-Like Environment

Our building was constructed in 2000 and 2003 and was designed for children in a Montessori environment.  The rooms are spacious, bright and each contains a full set of Montessori materials.

Over 30 Years Experience

Our school was founded in 1982.  We have been providing high-quality education ever since.

An Authentic Montessori Environment

Although many schools have tried to imitate aspects of the Montessori curriculum, only a true Montessori environment will give your child the full range of benefits that a Montessori education can offer.

A Diverse Staff and Student Body

Montessori is recognized and practiced in countries around the world.  Montessori offers an international appeal that is apparent in our diverse and international staff and student body.

An Association Montessori International Recognized School

Montessori Children’s Academy is the only AMI recognized school in Southeast Michigan.  AMI Montessori teachers undergo a rigorous program of training which is consistent with a master’s degree program.  The AMI credential is recognized world-wide.

Key Components of a Successful Montessori School

3-Hour Work Period

During the mornings, the Primary and Elementary classrooms have a 3-hour uninterrupted work period.  The three hours set aside for independent work are an increment of time that has been determined through many years of observation to be the optimal amount for the children to develop to their fullest potential in the Montessori classroom.  It is integral to the implementation of Montessori and to the child’s development of concentration, independence, self-direction and ultimately a deep love of learning.

Multi-Age Grouping

Each class is made up of mixed-ability 3-year age groupings.  The children are challenged according to their individual capabilities and are seldom bored.  A child can work with older children in one subject, younger children in another, and still have social interaction with children his/her own age.  Younger children observe older children and easily learn from them; older children reinforce the knowledge they have attained by helping younger children.  

Basic Lessons

Teachers present lessons based on a child’s interest and readiness.  Lessons are presented one-on-one in the Toddler and Primary classrooms and to small groups in the Elementary classroom.

Learning Styles

All learning styles are respected and nurtured.

Freedom with Responsibility

Children are free to explore many areas of interest and choose their own work.  This is successful because the children learn to respect others, follow ground-rules and work with purpose.

Building Character

The Montessori classroom is a social community that provides educational experiences which cultivate each child’s sense of independence, self-respect, love of peace, respect for and celebration of the value of life and the individual spirit within people of all ages.

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